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Girlguiding is about having FUN! There is something for all ages and interests.  Below there is further information on girlguiding's aims and ethos.

centenary.bmpThe girlguiding movement celebrated their Centenary Year for Girlguiding in 2009-10.

Girls and young women can get involved in an enormous range of exciting activities from outdoor challenges including climbing, abseiling and canoeing to learning new skills such as first aid, becoming a circus performer, toy making and much more.

But guiding is not just about having fun.  Guiding is a game with a purpose. It provides opportunities for girls and young women to:

 1   Be challenged by new experiences and achieve a sense of pride in accomplishment. 
 2  Think for themselves and make decisions
 3  Undertake teamwork and acquire leadership skills. 
 4  Acquire self-awareness, self-respect and self-confidence.
 5  Develop personal values which give their lives meaning and direction.
 6  Do their best according to their abilities.
 7  Seek spiritual development.         
 8  Contribute to society.
 9  Live by a simple code - the Guide Law.
See the Girlguiding in Kilbarchan section for details of the various units of Girlguiding.  

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