About Kilbarchan Guide Centre

Girlguiding in Kilbarchan has a long history dating back to 1920, when the first group of Girl Guides met in the sun parlour of Lismore House in Tandlehill Road, under the leadership of Mrs. McRoberts, who owned the house, and became the first Commissioner in Kilbarchan.  By 1922 there were 20 in the Company which had its own colours.

The original Guide Hut was opened on 21 February 1959 after much fund raising.  The site had been gifted to the Kilbarchan Girl Guide Association by the Hunter family following the demolition of the Congregational Church.  The 1960s saw an increase in the population of Kilbarchan and  resulted in a third Brownie Pack and second Guide Company being formed in 1969.  Two Rainbow units were registered in 1993.  Girlguiding in Kilbarchan was, and still is, flourishing.

In 2000, charitable status was achieved and the Kilbarchan Company Trust Property Management Committee was established to plan and manage the development of the proposed new purpose-built Guide Centre.  The Committee consists of 3 guiders, 3 members of the Trefoil Guild, 3 parent representatives and the District Commissioner.

The new Guide Centre was officially opened on 26 February 2005, again after much fund raising and donations from national charities, and local clubs and societies.  The Charity Bank has provided a loan to enable the project to be undertaken and this reflects their confidence in the project and Girlguiding in Kilbarchan to repay this loan.  With 160 girls and 30 adult leaders in 2 Rainbow units, 3 Brownie Packs and 2 guide Companies, as well as 25 Trefoil Guild members, it is not surprising that there is confidence in Girlguiding in Kilbarchan.



he Charity Bank Loan was paid in full in 2009 due to fund raising and hard work from all committee members, unit leaders and the members of all units. 

The Guide Centre provides 2 halls for community and private hire.  See the Facilities Information section for more details.

Girlguiding Kilbarchan

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